dimanche 22 octobre 2017


We had big issues with the internet during last weeks, no more phone, no more TV box, no more internet... so I'm late on a lot of posts...

So, here is the new ZODIAC SAL, Jo from Serendipitious Stitching is hosting.

On her blog, you'll find the first Saturday of each month the linking post.

She is starting with Libra, an Air sign represented by Scales.
Shoehorns allowed.


No Libra or scales in my stitching, but Air can be a good shoehorn,

In my vocabulary book, the plane page will be ok for this post
for the words :  plane, cloud, sky

The word as a banner and I will add a toy paper plane in a paper pocket in the back.
Le mot avion flottera dans l'air tel une banderole et une maquette sera installée sur le dos de la page dans une pochette de papier.

Restons dans les airs, dans le ciel du jeu de l'oie, finition des montgolfières et des cerf-volants

I added some colors in the balloon and the kite of the goose game.

My WIP of the moment is "Patins d'argent" and there is a lot of snowflaxes in the air.

Flocons de neige dans le ciel des Patins d'Argent, mon ouvrage du moment.

This post is dedicated to my beloved dad
who was born on September 29th
at his family home in the street of Justice!

Welcome now
in the Gifted Gorgeousness

I have finished to knit in the garter stitch a piece of rectangular shape (to close for a woolen hat).

I wish tomorrow I'll see my granddaughter to verify the size and make some fittings.
Finitions et essayages à venir.

A card for a baby boy named  Arthur.

Une petite carte de félicitations
pour la naissance d'Arthur.

dimanche 8 octobre 2017


Dernière ligne droite pour l'ALPHABET CLUB auquel j'ai participé depuis août 2015 avec beaucoup de plaisir. En léger décalage avec les autres participantes, j'ai repris le cours du dictionnaire en août dernier avec le V. Aujourd'hui, c'est le tour de l'antépénultième lettre de l'alphabet : le X.

I took part in the ALPHABET CLUB since  August 2015  with a great pleasure but had some troubles to keep up in spring. My dictionnary is opened again, I was back with the V in August. Today, it's time for the antepenultimate letter, X.


As on preview posts, I have imagined a scenario for those mensual posts
as the creators of this new event offer us a quite total liberty to how develop them.

My own way will go into worlds of stitching, words, drawings, designs, garden, cooking, music and travels.

Evocation of  a word begining with the letter linked to DIY activities
and personal researches on what you could find in my garden, in my kitchen, on my record player (the vinyl one), in my travel souvenirs.

X   comme  petites croix de point de croix....  cross stitch

To evoke stitching, embroidery, sewing
in the vocabulary book for Timothé

I plan to stick some Aida work on the top of
the page and to add a penguin (perforated paper)
for him to stitch.

X comme  Xmas

It's the first time that I stitch Xmas things all year round, with many projects as Christmas market from Brin par Brin,  Sei Personaggi in cerca di Natale from Cuore e Batticuore, Avvolgente Natale from Serenita di campagna, Xmas tags, etc...

I choosed three WIP I worked on this year for an update :

6PNatale  WIP

the one I stitched for Shelly for Xmas in July Exchange from Kaye

the first I stitched waiting for her frame, the near to be finish after a change of colors for the hat, the WIP.

Marché de Noël de Brin par Brin,

October will be the good month to put them out of the basket with metallics threads.

Quand Noël s'en mêle de Un chat dans l'aiguille

no cross stitches here, but nice embroidery

and Avvolgente Natale which is waiting for his Gold Thread.

X comme X

Une petite évocation d'un autre alphabet celui de Louis Braille

qui perfectionne le Code Barbier pour un faire
un système d'écriture tactile.

Parfait pour le point de noeud.

in the kitchen, dans la cuisine,

on my platine vinyl

  dans le jardin,  in the garden,

quelques clématites grimpent
volontiers sur des palissades

Clematis on some "x"

dans mes souvenirs de voyage,  in my travel souvenirs,


as all the towns named with an X are Chinese!

Les villes dont le nom commence par un X sont en grande majorité chinoises, j'ai donc choisi la ville de Luxembourg traversée quelquefois pour rejoindre Morbach dans le Hunsrück.

Novembre nous donnera l'occasion d'évoquer la lettre Y approchant ainsi de la toute fin du Club Alphabet !
In November, we will be near to the end with the letter Y.

samedi 30 septembre 2017


Premier Quaker terminé, un ouvrage passionnant, très agréable à broder.

My first Quaker is finished, a great work very pleasant to stitch.

C'est un modèle de chez Jardin Privé

Village Quaker, une création de Nathalie Cichon

J'ai seulement fait le choix d'un coloris bleu à la place du gris
DMC 930/932 ; sinon j'ai utilisé les couleurs proposées : DMC 152/3722, 730/733, 3790.

C'est une toile Zweigart  Murano 3984   -  12,6 fils - Blanc antique

I only make one change, from grey to blue, it was so pleasant to just follow the chart in a perfect and happy way just count and stitch, the fabric is really easy to stitch on and I'm very happy with the final result.

I have only now to show it to my grandson, who was very interested in it and helped me stitching some stitches on that little key.

Wish you a very good day!

mercredi 27 septembre 2017


Theme-Tas-Stitch est le rendez-vous proposé par Kerry de Ramblings of a Biscornu Addict,


On September the 21 th, Kerry proposed the update of the Theme-Tas-Stitch

Here is the theme for this month...


What is the smallest stitch in your stash? Show us your smalls

Tra la la, parfait pour une "happy dance",

I've got a finish! I bought the fabric and the chart last year in November during holidays in Normandy.

Boutique : Couds ceci, brode cela à  Courseulles sur Mer.

Il me restait la bordure supérieure que j'ai choisi de broder en DMC dégradé n° 115.

Tableautin d'hiver, Collection Tralala,
Vert dégradé 4045 - gris dégradé 53

Après avoir pris beaucoup de plaisir à broder sur cette même toile la Mona Lisa de Mr X Stitch, je l'ai commencé sur une toile que j'utilise pour les minis broderie.

I can't explain why I started again Mona Lisa from Mr Stitch on that fabric I use for small stitching.
I certainly missed her. Hope I won't complain with the dark part.

Côté miniatures...
Je me suis inspirée des tutos d'internet
pour réaliser ces petits  mini livres                             Small books

I leave you with some news of baby panda "Mini Yuan Zi"

dimanche 17 septembre 2017


Hi, it's time for the gifted gorgeousness,

On Serendipitous Stitching blog, you'll find many clever stitchers who linked their posts here :


September month began with big changes, DD3 moved to a new place to continue her studies.
So, a relocation + 800 km from home, any guess...    we have been busy.

Only a few progress on :

My "vocabulary" book for my grandson with pages on the theme : picture gallery

about the words : museum, frame, painting, pallet, tube of paint, paintbrush, color...

Some knitting, easy to do during the travel...

For my grand daughter, I'd like to knit a woolen hat.

it's only of a rectangle folded in two, points forming ears,  (garter stitch)
not sure of the result, must try...

C'est une laine Bergère de France, coloris Séquoia, tricoté au point mousse, pour un projet de bonnet avec deux petites oreilles.

That's the post to update the "Zazobouzi" fox puzzle, here we are :

The next and penultimate step will be to add the small pieces of velcro then the last work will be to make a bag for storage.

Avant-dernière étape la pose des petites pièces de Velcro sur la base du puzzle puis la confection d'un sac de rangement.

I'm near to "a happy dance" with the Village Quaker, so I keep it for a "special" post.
See you soon